Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hillary In A Nutshell

Here are ten facts about me that are not at all important, but good bathroom reading material if you wish. You're welcome in advance.

I sometimes listen to Taylor Swift on the down low because her songs are so damn catchy. Trust me, I hate myself every time it happens. 

I've never been in love, not even close. 

I can rap the entirety of a certain explicit DMX song...I do this quite often. Mostly when I feel like I need to be more cultured, and less white. 

I'm terrified of whales. This irrational fear most likely stemmed from my own imagination. Either way, you couldn't pay me a million dollars to swim with a whale. (Quick side note: I had a panic attack just looking up pictures of these beasts).

I hate bananas. They are a disgrace to the fruit population, and the smell alone makes me gag. Other things that make my skin crawl: clusters of holes, wet paper, smoking, the process of puking, and boogers.

My first kiss was awful. The last kiss I had was also just as horrible. I am really hoping God has some better kissers lined up in my future. (Public Service Announcement: NO ONE likes dry lips people! Guys, please moisturize for the love of God).

I dance in the car. No, not just a cute little head bob. I'm talking straight up arm and torso movements that make it unsafe for driving. I can't help it when my hood jam comes on, this girl gotta dance.

I want a huge family. I've always dreamed of having tons of kids running around the kitchen as I make dinner, having a life of beautiful chaos. Some my own, some would be adopted, all loved just the same. They will look like the adorable crew of 'Little Rascals', and one will be named Alfalfa for comedic purposes obviously.

Dream goals: be a princess. This is not a joke, it's real life. I want to live the life of a Disney princess because the heart wants what it wants. If that does not work out, Beyonce is the next best thing.

I'm a sucker for vulnerable people. Let me in, and I am all yours. I admire nothing more than a person who is genuine and not afraid to be honest with others. I'm said to be an excellent listener, and the best hugger of all time. What can I say, I love to love.

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