Thursday, September 25, 2014

Releasing the Toxins

She was someone I thought was my best friend.
He was someone I thought of as a kind person.
They were people I thought belonged in my life.
Turns out, I thought wrong.

The phrase "people change" is the falsest statement you can claim, for here is the real truth: no matter how much a person seems to evolve, they can't help but find their way back to the person they are meant to be- themselves. This cannot be determined as good or bad because it's truly just human nature. Here's where things get sticky, makes life really hard to navigate at times. People never change, so what limit do we allow ourselves to let toxic people stick around when they determinately cannot change who they are? It's like this, we all have that person (our kryptonite if you will) that we physically cannot remove from our lives no matter what pain and suffering they cause. Why is that? Why do we allow people to mess with our emotions and continually disappoint us for the hideously false excuse that they will "change"? From recent experience, I can be frank and tell you that this is a load of bullshit. I have one person in mind that I will not name because I like to think I have some class, where as this person seemed to lack any sort of dignity or sophistication. This particular person was a very prominent figure in my life, and at the start everything was peachy. But a person can only keep their true colors from showing through for so long, and I soon began to see sides of this individual that I couldn't ignore. Here's my downfall, my weakness: I am a mother hen. If you confide in me, tell me your secrets and insecurities, I find that as I absorb and listen I become instantly protective because you are willing to trust me- and I'll be loyal to you from there on out. So when I am constantly being cut down by someone I cherish as a friend, a best friend at that, I don't know how to solve the problem. 

Until I did. 

This is a public service announcement for every single human being on this Earth, because tragically enough, everyone has that one toxic person involved in their daily lives. It's a reminder that removing any type of negative people from your life will 100% increase your own happiness and well being. Because people don't change, no matter how much we willingly hope and wish that they would. We deserve to live beautiful and carefree lives with people who make us feel just as beautiful and carefree.

So, this I challenge you:

Remove the toxic: eliminate those who make you feel negative or unhappy, for that is only a reflection of how they live their own lives
Never allow someone to "change" once they have let you down numerous times, it's only in their nature to do it again
If you can picture a life without them, ditch 'em. You deserve to be with the people you can't live without 
Overall, be happy. This is the only life you got and it's detrimental that you spend it will people who are good through and through.

Until next time, stay amazing. 
Hill xoxo

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