Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mi Amor

I remember looking at you, and thinking you held the stars- the universe, in your eyes. Those eyes will forever be imbedded in the back of my mind. I remember you were the first boy to ever tell me I was beautiful, and I will always cherish you for those exquisite words. You made me listen to old Beatles songs, really listen, and I felt like I was hearing the music for the first time. We were never defined by any sort of stuffy label, if anything we were friends at best. I didn't love you, I haven't had the pleasure of real, heart breaking love yet. Love wasn't what made you special, it was the singular fact that you listened. Never once batted an eye when haunting memories bubbled from my lips, you only bounced back with a secret of your own. They say good things never last, and in time people change. Like a pebble being dropped in the porcelain smooth river, you drifted away like a ripple, farther and farther until you were just gone. I realize now that the time we spent together was beautiful and innocent- raw. I smile to myself when I hear the stir of John Lennons voice, thinking of you. I don't regret a second of my past, you included. As I grow, people run in and out of my life, helping me evolve into the person I'm supposed to be. You made me an honest person, made me feel beautiful even when my head and heart thought differently. For that, I have you stashed away at the back of my mind, popping in and out whenever you feel like it. I always wanted to say this to you, that can be the only explanation for this over drawn letter. The idea sparked from a single moment, 'Strawberry Fields' filtering from my speakers, and suddenly- I see your eyes.

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