Saturday, February 8, 2014

Single and Not Wanting to Mingle

Being single; It has quite the stigma, those two little words. I can't say I'm not guilty of pulling the 'forever alone' card, complaining about being single and living a sad life with only me, myself, and I. Yet, I recently discovered something eye opening about my single status: Being single is all that and a bag of chips (preferably Sour Cream and Onion). I truly accepted this idea when one of my close friends texted me today, venting about this guy that had turned her against love and all things gravitating towards 'feelings'. Being the advice guru (lol at that sarcasm) that I am, I sent her some girl empowering thoughts and realized I wasn't practicing what I preached. During my 'GIRLS RULE' speech, I realized that everything I said was true. Sometimes people depend on others, especially significant others, to make them feel complete. Shouldn't we be complete all on our own? I am in no way bashing on people in love or in happy relationships, you have obviously figured out a happy medium. This is for those of you who feel like you need a relationship, a girlfriend or boyfriend, to define who you are. I present to you:
I can do whatever the hell I want.
I can lay in bed for an unlimited amount of time, watching every Leonardo DiCaprio movie known to man kind until I have memorized every little facial feature on that perfect specimen- or not. I can flirty text whoever I want, whenever I want. I can go to those really crappy chick flicks and not have my whiner boyfriend complain about how he hates anything starring either of the "Ryan Duo" (A.K.A: Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling). And most importantly, I can love my cats unconditionally and not get judged for it- see even Ryan Gosling is happy for us.

I don't have to look presentable- ever.
I can rock the Hermione Granger look from the first two Harry Potter movies whenever I feel necessary, and we all know that is not a cute getup. I can wear my old, ratty, high school sweats with my four times to large Menards t-shirt because guess what: I CAN BITCHES. No need to do my hair and makeup unless I want to, and isn't that just a beautiful thing?

I don't have to go out. Hell, I don't even have to go OUTside.
You're single, embrace the laziness. You can come and go as you please, and take advantage of it! Feel free to become a hermit and watch Netflix for eight days solid OR go out and be free every week night if it's what you desire. All in all, do what YOU want to do.

There is no need to share the things you love.
In other words, you don't have to share any of your food, your bed, or your undivided attention. You can be greedy, and sometimes that's ok.

Be young and stupid with your best friends.
We have our whole lives to find a soulmate, to be tied down to one person. If your single, embrace the freedom you have to just be young and dumb with other single people. Do things that are thoughtless (unless they can get you arrested, then don't do that) and FUN. Karaoke until the break of dawn, do cookies in the Walmart parking lot at 2 AM, drive five hours to a huge lake and go camping with one of your closest friends. Friendships are the best relationship you can have without actually being in a relationship. Your best friend will do countless dumb shit with you, laugh by your side, sing with you until your voice is raspy. These are the kind of people you want close when you are single and living it up. These are the times to live life without ties; When you are just old enough to do whatever, and just young enough to not have anything holding you back. 

Learn to be independent. Learn how to be yourself.
No one defines you. The only person that can truly make you happy, complete, anything you possibly desire is YOU. If you can't be all those things on your own, how is that going to help you in the long run when you do find someone? Being single is a beautiful thing. Being in a relationship can be too, but that's the next chapter in life. This is the time to live in the now, create memories that you can share when you're older, make moments that you can remember for a lifetime. Being single isn't a drag, being single is a lifestyle worth living if you're up to the challenge. And for me, well- challenge accepted.