Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Blog Virgin

I figured my first blog post should be enticing, really thrill my readers (do I even have readers?). Before I go into the dirty details, I want to make a disclaimer to any family members/future employers/old people who may read this and be appalled. I will probably curse, and most likely I will post pictures of hot, half naked men. I have no filter, and for that I can only apologize in advance (but really I'm not that sorry). Please take this time to prepare yourself for the absolute shocking facts of my fabulously boring life.

I claim to be funny, but my parents are relentless in telling me that I'm not. This blog was a production of peer pressure- thanks to my family and friends. I have a very pathetic yet fulfilling addiction to One Direction, Liam Payne wouldn't have to ask me twice to lick his face. Ask me who I aspire to be, and without hesitation I would tell you 'Jennifer Lawrence'- the epitome of perfection. She's my biggest girl crush; gorgeous, funny, talented, and loves food (the true way to my heart). Yet another person who wouldn't have to ask me twice to lick her face. On a more serious note, I want nothing more than to be relevant in someones life; to make a difference in the world. Here's to a long and steady road ahead.